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There are a plethora of products delivered to our doors these days, milk, butter, cheese, vegetables, grain, meat and even bacon.  So it makes on damn sense why you shouldn’t be able to get beer – and not just any beer, but fresh, craft beer direct from the brewery. Enter BeerJobber, an online beer delivery service with the mission to do just that.

While this might seem like a panacea for beer lovers, our puritanical interstate shipping laws for alcohol, and the top heavy, sometimes heavy-handed distributions systems in some states add a few hurdles to the process (you can find out more about those issues on the Beer Jobbers blog). Thankfully, Beer Jobber has done a solid job of reducing the confusing and taking much of the guess work out of the process for consumers

On first visit to the website, you’re asked to set up a profile based on taste and style preference. Beer Jobber then uses profile information, purchase history (if applicable) and community ratings to recommend individual and mixed case beers you might like.  The website where users establish a profile based on their taste, beerjobber then uses the profile to source recommended beers based on individual taste.

And while the prices seem steep at glance, many of the case shipments are 22oz bottles. And, as Beer Jobber claims, less expensive than in retail stores. Add in that benefit to the reduced cost of shipping your booze direct from the brewer, and BeerJobber claims that they actually may lose money on some orders. How’s that for a group of dedicated craft beer evangelists. According to their blog, they are also cool about taking recommendations from customers – so if there is a beer you love, but that you can’t find near you, drop them a line and Demand It?

If you’ve tried Beer Jobber, let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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